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This is the applied demo and promo site of the responsive & modular WordPress theme Hi-Response. Hi-Response is optimised for portfolio and blog sites in the need of a flexible template. Theme options and a highly modular layout system. Shape the theme (without the need to code) with 3 page/post layout module generators, 5 taxonomy listing styles and theme options to control pretty much everything from layout, colors, typography and interaction.

See below for an overview of the theme features:

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Features overview

Theme options

You can control pretty much everything of your layout from the theme options found in your WordPress admin. You can control layout, typography, colours, interface to name a few.

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Post, page and taxonomy options

Optionally you can override some of the default settings on your pages, single post pages and taxonomy pages. Tweak a specific page with custom colours or add a page cover for example.

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3 modules generators

The modularity of Hi-Response depends on three different layout modules that cater for different needs. For example a common site structure could be About/Work/Blog. The about page would then use the Column module, posts in the work category the Gallery module, and the Blog module would come in handy for the blog section of the site.

1. Column module
The column module is the base module and offers the most control. Optimal when combining text and media. Add module – add column – add media content. Can be rendered in Masonry & Float mode.

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2. Gallery module
The gallery module is what it sounds like really. Add module – add media content. Can be rendered in Masonry & Row mode.

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3. Blog module
Yeah, you guessed right, this module is catering for the needs of a blog or a news section. A little more vertical and constrained, but hot looking. Add module – add media content.

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5 post listing types

The frontpage, searchpage and all taxonomies lists different posts of your site. We have added options on how these listings will be displayed.

1. Masonry thumbnails
This layout mode will render your posts in a masonry style. Useful when you use post thumbnails in varying heights.

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2. Grid thumbnails
This layout mode will render your posts in a float left logic, suitable when your post thumbnails have the same dimensions.

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3. Row thumbnails
Instead of a horisontal responsive layout as the two above this layout will render your posts in fixed height left floated rows.

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4. Index/list
This layout mode renders the posts in an index list. Well suited for search results or and indexed archives

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5. Full render
This layout mode renders the posts in full. Example as in the blog section of this site.

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Speaking of modularity, Hi-Response have a feature we call ‘stacks’. Basically this let’s you stack content from other pages, posts or taxonomies on any page or post. For example if you have an About page with text etc. on, but would like to add a list of your latest blog posts at the bottom, then just add a taxonomy stack. Voila. (Note, you can only stack in one level depth and it will only grab the content and modules of the target page and not added stacks of the target).

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As we now use the WP default text editor (TinyMCE) for text editing through out H-R, we found a new need for inline editing. This resulted in a set of  short codes that can be very handy when you got the need to alter text size, insert an icon, or other things you can’t control with the default editor.

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Another new feature (1.2 and up) of Hi-Response is the option to add Cover graphics to all post/pages or taxonomy pages and presets.  View a cover example on top of this page.

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If you need more info pre purchase, then go ahead and view our Documentation page, I’m sure it will answer most of your wonders. If you haven’t already you can also take The tour to get acquainted with the different layout modules a little bit more in-depth. If you already feel that this theme is the BOMB, then go straight & buy:

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